Lab technicians conducting COVID tests request treatment facility

Two of them succumbed to the infectious disease recently in Warangal

A 38-year-old government lab technician G Lanavya is still grieving. She lost her husband G Ravishankar on Thursday after battling COVID-19 for more than five days at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Warangal. He worked in the same hospital.

Ravishankar too was a lab technician, a senior in his circle, who never hesitated to step out of home at any point of the day to collect samples for COVID-19 tests. In a week’s time, Ms Lavanya will resume her duties and will again be in the frontline of healthcare services.

Ms Lavanya said that though doctors and the MGM Hospital authorities have attended their distress calls, there were some gaps in attending her husband during treatment.

She, and Telangana State Government Lab Technicians Association members have requested the government to designate a hospital for admission if any of them were to be affected by severe COVID-19. They are involved in the duties of collecting samples for COVID-19 tests.

Two deaths in 3 days

After Ravishankar, another lab technician named Ramakrishna died of COVID-19 at a private hospital in Warangal on Friday.

Founder and State general secretary of the association, Ravinder Manchala, has requested the government to extend their quarantine facility, alternate day duties to avoid continuous exposure to coronavirus.

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