Lacking in last mile connectivity

Metro officials exploring a few options

More commuters will come forward and take Chennai Metro only if there is an affordable and comfortable mode of transportation from their doorstep to the station and the destination, experts say.

In six years of running trains, except for a brief period, there have been no share-cabs from stations, leaving commuters to find their way to the destination, either by their own mode of transport or an auto.

Urban planning experts say multi-modal transportation is key to ensuring proper utilisation of public transport and it is beneficial for commuters. K.P. Subramaniam, former professor of urban engineering at Anna University, said, “Chennai Metro Rail should make an effort to identify all important stations and start share-cab services or mini-bus services on the essential routes. For instance, if there are 42 stations, at least 25 stations should have the last-mile connectivity. This will certainly boost patronage by at least 30-40%.”

According to officials of Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL), they have been exploring a few options of last-mile connectivity for a while now and will soon start something. “This may take sometime. But we certainly want to give such options to passengers,” an official said.

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