Legal action against derogatory remarks on Basaveshwara, Ambedkar sought

Condemning the derogatory remarks made about social reformer Basaveshwara and father of Indian Constitution B.R. Ambedkar on social media in the United Kingdom, a group of people led by social activist Ayyappa Ramateerth staged a protest in Kalaburagi city.

Both Basaveshwara and Dr. Ambedkar fought against untouchability and caste discrimination in Indian society and were strong advocates of freedom of speech. Basaveshwara pioneered the idea of democracy in 12th Century and Dr. Ambedkar was the architect of the Indian Constitution.

Two Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) – Vijayendra Rao and Kumar Kuntikanamath on a WhatsApp discussion have raised the questions about the contribution of Dr. Ambedkar in writing the Constitution of India and also ridiculed Basaveshwara.

Mr. Rao from Harrow in London has said “Ambedkar didn’t give Constitution to me as his good friend. I don’t think just because of Ambedkar India got Constitution if not him someone else would have done the job, India is not because of Ambedkar.” Adding insult to injury he has even posted a message with a caption to deliberately annoy British Indians and further alleged that “Ambedkar was one among many capable people”. Mr. Kuntikanamath had falsely alleged that VIPs in Karnataka are being felicitated with worn and torn shawls and Mysore caps at the Basaveshwara statue by the British Kannadiga community.

Mr. Ayyappa said that both of them made defamatory remarks on social media groups in March and April 2020, and a police complaint was lodged against them at both in India and United Kingdom after they refused to apologise for their derogatory remarks and have continued their defamatory attacks on followers of Basaveshwara and Dr. Ambedkar.

The protesters sought legal action against Mr. Kuntikanamath and Mr. Rao.

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