Live updates | PM Modi appeals to States to consider lockdowns only as a last resort

Modi urged vaccine manufacturers to continuously scale up their production capacity to inoculate all in the shortest possible time.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on the coronavirus situation on April 20, 2021.

Earlier, Mr. Modi urged vaccine manufacturers to continuously scale up their production capacity to inoculate all Indians in the shortest possible time.

Interacting with vaccine manufacturers from across the country via video conferencing, Modi said the private sector will play an even more active role in the vaccination drive in the coming days and that this will require better coordination between hospitals and industry.

Here are the updates

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says "Country’s waging a big battle against coronavirus. We are dealing with a big second wave. My condolences to all those who are bereaved."

Mr. Modi says "We are facing a big challenge but we have to be resolute and overcome this. Doctors, medical staff, frontline workers, police I offer my thanks to you. Today, again in second wave, you are tirelessly working"

The Prime Minister further says "The decisions of the last few days will help with overcoming our problems. Oxygen situation is a problem and States, districts, industry are working together to solve this. We are using multiple avenues to ensure transport of oxygen. We are accelerating the supply of drugs and vaccines."

Mr. Modi adds "We are fortunate that our country has a strong pharmaceutical sector. We are increasing beds in hospitals and making bigger covid hospitals in places where there is great need. Our scientists have made vaccine in record time burning the midnight oil. Vaccines approval and regulatory processes were fast tracked. But following due process, our emphasis was to supply vaccines to those who need it most."

The Prime Minister adds "India was the fastest in the world to administer 10, 11, 12 crore vaccines. From May 1, anyone above 18 can get a vaccine. The old, the poor will continue to get free vaccines. Our aim is to save lives."

Mr. Modi says "The workforce in the city and labour class will get vaccines quickly with opening up vaccines to all. I request every one to stay put in their work place and cities."

He further says "Last year this time we didn’t have labs, no PPE production kits, little knowledge in how to deal with the pandemic. Now we have substantial stocks of kits and PPEs.

Mr. Modi says "By collective enterprise we can over come the blight of the pandemic. I request everyone to continue helping those who need assistance."

The Prime Minister says "The youth should form committees and ensure COVID-appropriate behaviour. If that is implemented no need for containment zones, lockdown."

Mr. Modi says "I appeal to children to spread the message that no one should step out of their homes, without cause."

Prime Minister says "We have to save this country from lockdown. I appeal to States to consider lockdowns only as a last resort."

Mr. Modi further adds "Tomorrow is Ram Navmi and we follow the tenets of COVID-appropriate behaviour just like Lord Ram was upright. This is the seventh day of Ramzan. Necessary to observe lessons of restraint and togetherness as it teaches."

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