Lok Sabha records 204% productivity

House sits in extended session over COVID discussion

The productivity of Lok Sabha increased to 204% on Thursday as the House sat for extra hours till midnight to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic, a historic milestone in Parliament.

Commending MPs, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said in the Lok Sabha that it was the highest ever recorded productivity in a single day of legislative business.

“It shows how our people’s representatives are engaged in public welfare and the message of such an engagement percolates down the system in a beneficial way,” he said.

According to Lok Sabha officials, the productivity of the Lower House had touched 117% on Wednesday when the Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulations) Bill was passed after a four-hour debate.

Overall, the productivity during the Winter Session of Parliament, which began on Monday, has been 83%. Of the total allocated time of 1,440 minutes (24 hours), the House has transacted business for 1,205 minutes (20.08 hours), they said. Productivity of the House on the first two days was 6.7%each.

A total of 96 members participated in the debate on the COVID pandemic in Lok Sabha that stretched on for 11 hours and three minutes.

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