Madhya Pradesh cops dish out ‘I’m patriot’ badges for vaccinated persons

Cops from the Niwari district were seen pinning up a badge of honour, which says, "I'm a patriot as I'm vaccinated" on commuters who have taken the Covid-19 vaccine.

The police in Madhya Pradesh has started “honouring” those who have received the Covid jab, while pasting warning posters on those who are yet to be inoculated.

In a video shared by news agency ANI, police from the Niwari district were seen pinning a badge that says, “I’m a patriot as I’m vaccinated” on commuters who have taken the Covid-19 vaccine.

“We are honouring those who have taken the jab, and telling those who haven’t, to get vaccinated,” a cop is heard saying. “Tell people I have been vaccinated, which is why I have been felicitated,” he told one bike rider.

Those who haven’t been vaccinated yet were made to wear a poster which says, “Stay away from me as I am not vaccinated yet.”

Several netizens reacting to the video said that shortage of vaccines could be one of the reasons why most haven’t gotten the Covid jab.

Earlier, a sub-inspector in Madhya Pradesh’s Satna district was seen “punishing” lockdown violators by making them write the name for Lord Ram for 30-45 minutes and counselling them to stay at home and take care of their families.

“We would earlier make them do sit-ups or make them sit for 45 minutes to an hour before allowing them to go, so, I just thought that they can instead write the name of Lord Ram for as long as they are comfortable as punishment before letting them go,” sub-inspector Santosh Singh said.

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