‘Majority of COVID cases being reported in Vijayawada, Jaggaiahpeta’

‘Most of infected persons had been to functions, gatherings’

Krishna District Collector A.Md. Imtiaz has said that there was a slight increase in the number of COVID-19 infections reported and positivity rate in the district in March so far. He said most of the new cases were from Vijayawada and Jaggaiahpeta.

Mr. Imtiaz, in a release, said that the district reported 2,280 cases in December 2020, 830 cases in January, 251 in February, and so far in March 340 cases were reported.

He said there was a slight increase in the positivity rate from 0.4% in February to 0.65% in March.

He said that contact tracing of the infected persons revealed that most of them had been to functions and places of large gatherings.

Mr. Imtiaz said that only COVID appropriate behaviour, including wearing a mask, sanitising hands among others and vaccination could help contain virus transmission.


Mr. Imtiaz said so far 1.25 lakh persons took the first dose of the vaccine and over 22,000 took the second dose. There are 230 active COVID infection cases in the district.

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