Man arrested for murder

The Punjalkatte Police arrested Siddiq (30) on the charge of murdering his friend Rafiq (20) and throwing the body in a forest area in Vagga on Sunday.

According to the police, Rafiq and Siddiq had had differences and there were frequent fights between the two. Siddiq called Rafiq for a stroll in the hill side in Karla of Tenkajekaru village on Sunday evening. During the stroll, Siddiq reportedly took out a knife and stabbed Rafiq on the chest and stomach and then slit his neck. Rafiq died on the spot.

The police said that Siddiq then took the body in Rafiq’s car and dumped it by the side of a stream in the forest area of Vagga. He returned home to wash his blood-stained clothes. Then, Siddiq went to the police station to report the murder. He also led the police to the place where he dumped the body, the police said.

Following a complaint by Rafiq’s father on Monday, the Pujalkatte Police registered a case and arrested Siddiq.

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