Man from Malappuram held in Bengaluru for printing fake visas

Neighbours got suspicious over the number of parcels he received every day

A man from Kerala was arrested for allegedly printing fake visas at his house at Talaghattapura on Saturday.

The accused, Nipun Venugopala C., 28, from Malappuram, used to work as tout and procured seats for students hoping to enrol in professional courses under the management quota.

“But due to the pandemic, for the last year and a half, his business dried up. He decided to make a quick buck by offering to print fake visas to people for anywhere between ₹50,000 to ₹2 lakh,” said the police. He found customers, some even from neighbouring States, who were willing to courier their passports to him so that he could print fake visas. But his neighbours started getting suspicious after they noticed a rise in the number of couriers he began receiving over the last three months.

“Police sub-inspector Prabhugowda Patil received a tip-off from his source that a particular house was getting too many parcels in a day. After following up on the lead, a police team raided the house and found a large number of fake visa seals, passports, visa documentation, a laptop, printer, and other material,” said a police officer. The accused would download copies of different visas, print them and paste them on the passports. “He knew that customers would spot the difference, and was planning on escaping with their money,” the officer added.

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