Man rescues injured monkey

A 28-year-old man was appreciated by the public for rescuing an injured monkey after nearly three hours of struggle in Ambur on Sunday.

Ashok Kumar, 28, from Ambur, has been rescuing snakes and other animals in the locality for over 12 years. On Sunday around 9.30 a.m., he received a call from a friend. “He informed me that an injured monkey was spotted above a building on Netaji Road, where he works, and sought my help,” Mr. Ashok said.

He rushed to the spot and found that the hands of the monkey were bleeding and it was unable to use them. “When I went near the monkey, it started running and jumping from one building to another. But I could sense it was in pain. It appeared as if the injuries were inflicted by other monkeys or it must have suffered an electrical shock,” he said.

After close to three hours, the monkey ran into a garment shop and Mr. Ashok nabbed it. “Being a Sunday, we could not get a government veterinarian. Hence, I alerted forest officials and with the help of a local veterinary doctor, we treated it,” he said.

G.D. Moorthy, forest ranger, Ambur, said that the monkey was released in a reserve forest area. “The animal bit the guard while it was being set free. It was in so much pain. At least two to three animals are being rescued everyday from Ambur. The number is more during summer,” he said.

Mr. Ashok said residents approach him when they see a snake or any other animal that needs to be rescued. “This is my passion. I rescue animals free of cost and hand them over to the Forest Department,” he said.

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