Manchu Lakshmi trolled for her tweet about Manchu Vishnu oath taking ceremony for MAA

Manchu Vishnu took oath as an MAA President today on 16th October.  Ahead of the oath taking ceremony, Lakshmi Manchu sent  blessings to her brother Manchu Vishnu for commencing the new journey to ‘change the world’.  Lakshmi Manchu tweeted:  swearing-in ceremony as the President of the Movie Artist Association. All the very best and all my blessings as you commence your new journey to change the world. I’m so proud of you and cannot wait to see what’s about to unfold!”

Now the netizens are trolling Manchu Lakshmi for her tweet. Few comments by the twitter are as follows:

Michel: US president laga feel ayipotunnav endi akka… Idisey inka enni rojulu cheppu

Venu Madhav: Varini usa president range athi undi ga asala.

MANCHU Vittnu: Change the World ah.. em matladuthunav akka dhigaledha inka?

Sandeep PR: Change the world eh?? Ante mosagallu tho records ni change chesadu atlanti change e na?

Bulleteer: Change the world? Are you sure. Heights of exaggeration. Come on, it’s just small association called MAA. Chill.

Nveen K: change the world ah no surprise akkai…. nee comedy and overaction legacy ni bhale maintain chesthunnav… unlimited comedy tho bahle entertainment isthav akkai as always… hats off manchu legacy

Rohit: To change the world ? Which world akka and is the post so prominent in the society that it will change the world as said by you

Pulla reddy: Before Changing the world, let him change MAA.

Asmoth: Thats y ur dad told u r on a race for Oscar.

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