Manipur CM launches e-ILP platform to regulate entry and exit

The e-ILP platform will play a vital role in tracking visitors who are overstaying beyond the permitted duration, Chief Minister N Biren Singh said.

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh Thursday virtually launched the e-ILP platform for effective regulation of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system in the state.

Singh said the e-ILP platform will play a vital role in regulating the entry, exit and tracking of visitors who are overstaying beyond the permitted duration.

“The e-ILP tracking system had been developed to mend the loopholes in the procedures adopted to issue the permit and its tracking system. The system would help in checking whether a person, who had entered the state with a permit, had left or was still staying even after the expiration of the permitted duration,” Singh said.

He added the authorities, on many instances, had found visitors staying beyond their permit duration without any renewal. The new system will enable mobile tracking of defaulters and help taking necessary action, he added.

He also informed that an Inner Line Permit Monitoring Cell with DIG (Intelligence) as its chairman had been set up to ensure proper reading of entry and exit and to track over stay.

Official sources said the e-ILP platform has a comprehensive dashboard system that actively shows varied information such as number of people entering the state on a particular day and time and a graphical break-up-based presentation of people visiting through different entry gates.

The system is also enabled with automated generation of a defaulted list of people who have overstayed beyond the permitted number of days.

The ILP system came into effect in Manipur on January 1, 2020. ILP is a document that Indian citizens from other states are required to possess in order to enter states like Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland and Manipur. It is essentially a protective regime to shield the local populations from large-scale migration.

In Manipur, four types of permits are issued — temporary, regular, special and labour permits. Initially, these permits were issued manually at seven counters at different entry points, including Imphal airport. However, to do away with the hassle faced by travellers in applying for the permit, the state government launched an online portal in February 2020.

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