Manipur Congress calls for quicker admission process at COVID-19 hospitals

Party slams State government for slow pace of vaccination

The Opposition Congress in Manipur recently made suggestions to the BJP-led coalition government here to overcome the spike in the COVID-19-related infections and deaths.

Congress MLA and party spokesperson K. Joykishan, however, slammed the government for the slow pace of vaccination and official rigmarole in getting admitted to COVID-19 hospitals.

The government had set up a hospital admission committee to give approval for admission to hospitals.

Mr. Joykishan said that a patient had to wait for several hours to get such an approval and contended that if not assisted by the circle MLAs it would take months to get the clearance.

“One of the main reasons for the spike in the COVID-19 deaths is this inordinate delay”, he added.

He also wondered whether there was a shortage of vaccines since just 150 persons could be vaccinated in his constituency on any working day. If there is a shortage of funds, the vaccines could be purchased by crowd funding.

“All district hospitals should be upgraded with facilities of ventilators, ICU and others to fight the fast spreading killer pandemic. ₹1 crore each should be sanctioned to the 60 MLAs in all constituencies. Doctors and nurses should be recruited against the vacant posts. The government should share the daily reports on deaths and infections”, said Congress MLA K. Meghachandra, who is the chief of the media coordination committee of the MPCC.

He also said that the government should immediately fix the cost of hospitalisation and treatment of the patients in the interest of the poor. Reports were emerging that private hospitals were charging exorbitant fees from the patients. The COVID-19 management should be de-centralised instead of the present system.

“₹29.2 crore already sanctioned by the Centre should reach the poor sections on time”, said Mr. Meghachandra.

He also added that ₹495.5 crore sanctioned by the Centre for the MGNREGA works should reach the villagers during these trying days.

Meanwhile, the government has issued an order allowing banks to function for limited hours and supply of food items and vegetables through home delivery agencies. Officials reported that in 24 hours ending Tuesday night, there were 20 COVID-19 deaths and 592 new infections.

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