Many sleepless nights to this actress because of worst boyfriend

Raveena Tandon is currently waiting for the release of her upcoming film KGF: Chapter 2  in which Rocking star Yash and Srinidhi Shetty are playing the lead roles. Recently she opened up on the roadblocks and nastiness she had faced while trying to make a name of her own in the film industry away from the conventional roles and movies.

In her latest interview,  Mohra girl talked about being written off, or worst, being linked with her own brother and fearing a dreadful month where she would again be used as  the  gossip subject in magazines

B Town actress Raveena Tandon said that she had been linked with the men she shared platonic relationships with and recalled once being linked with her own brother.  She added, “I remember many, many  sleepless nights that I would cry myself to sleep and I would dread every month, another gossipy tabloid completely ripping me, my reputation, my credibility,  my parents into shreds and I would wonder, ‘What is it all about?’.”

Raveena further said, “They linked my name with my own brother and also wrote – ‘There is a handsome, fair boy who comes to drop Raveena Tandon, we have discovered Raveena Tandon’s boyfriend.”

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