Mass ‘aksharabhyasam’ at Saraswati Devi temple

Srisailam temple EO presents silk robes to the diety at Kolanubharathi

A mass aksharabhyasam programme (initiation of education to a child) was performed at the Saraswati Devi temple at Kolanubharathi in Kothapalli Mandal, with hundreds of children and their parents taking part in the ritual on the occasion of auspicious Vasanta Panchami on Tuesday.

As per the traditions, Bramarambha Mallikarjuna Swamy Devastham (Srisailam) Executive Officer Karanam S. Rama Rao presented silk robes to the Goddess at Kolanubharathi and initiated children to . aksharabhyasam. He presented vermillion and turmeric powder and bangles to the deity.

The ritual is usually performed by the maternal uncle, father or paternal uncle in the presence of family members.

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