MCH gets new casualty wing

The ₹35-crore unit with an emergency medicine wing begins functioning

The casualty wing of the Thiruvananthapuram Government Medical College Hospital (MCH) commenced functioning from a new block on Monday.

Located close to the main entrance of the hospital, the casualty wing integrates various speciality and super-speciality services and also enforces a system of triaging patients in red, yellow and green zones to classify medical urgency. While 12 patients can be treated at once in the red zone, the yellow zone can accommodate as many as 40 patients.

Two ICUs

Two intensive care units (ICU) have also been set up in the casualty wing.

The unit that was set up at a cost of ₹35 crore will also have an emergency medicine wing and a Level 1 trauma care system.

An operation theatre, digital X-ray, ultrasound scanners, Doppler machine, three CT scanners and MRI are among the other facilities.

Full-fledged treatment will also be provided for stroke patients at the wing.

Health Minister Veena George, who took stock of the new casualty wing, said 108 employees had been appointed for the facility.

Advanced training will be imparted among the staff, she added. Medical College principal Sara Varghese and hospital superintendent A. Nizarudeen were present during the visit.

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