Medical college dream yet to materialise

‘Given the economic condition caused by the pandemic, the college may take time’

It was on November 28, 2018, during the Assembly elections. Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao had been addressing a series of public meetings across the State. As part of that, he visited the district headquarters town and addressed a public meeting.

“There was a need for medical college for Sangareddy. We will establish the medical college in our next tenure,” was what the promise made by Mr Chadnrasekhar Rao during the Prajasheervada Sabha held here. Though the party fared well in elections and won more seats than the 2014 first general elections for the Assembly, it lost the Sangareddy seat with a slender margin and T. Jayaprakash Reddy of the Congress won the seat.

In January 2019, Mr. Chandrasekhar Rao during the Assembly session stated that the proposals for the medical college at Sangareddy would be forwarded to the Union government for consideration.

Two years have passed and nothing has materialised. Last week, Mr. Jayaprakash Reddy urged the Chief Minister to sanction a medical college for Sangareddy and announced that he would take up fast in this regard. District officials said they had not received any proposal for the medical college at Sangareddy.

“The government needs to allocated about ₹750 crore and 20 acres of land for establishment of medical college. In addition, a recurring expenditure of ₹15 crore per month is needed. The proposed medical college was shifted, first, to Mahabubnagar, then Siddipet, Suryapet and, finally, Nalgonda. With the present economic hardships caused by the pandemic, the government is not in a position to fulfil the dream at least for some time, if not forever,” said an official on condition of anonymity.

Surprisingly, about a year ago, the Congress MLA and TRS leaders had released posters thanking the Chief Minister for sanctioning medical college for Sangareddy.

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