Memorandum for protection of tribals submitted

Various Adivasi organisations submitted a memorandam to Tribal Welfare secretary Christina Z Chongthu seeking effective implementation of the laws and constitutional provisions relating to Scheduled Areas in the district to protect the rights of Adivasis and ensure their all-round development.

A delegation comprising representatives of Adivasi Samkshema Parishad and Adivasi Konda Reddi Sangham on Thursday met the Tribal Welfare secretary during the latter’s visit to Bhadrachalam and handed over a memorandum outlining various issues concerning Adivasis mainly those inhabiting the Fifth Schedule areas.

The Adivasi leaders through the memorandum sought strict implementation of the Land Transfer Regulation Act (LTR 1/70), immediate resolution of Podu land issues, and filling up of vacancies in government hospitals including PHCs in Agency areas.

The memorandum further sought setting up of a special fund to promote budding tribal sportspersons and artistes, shifting of the tribal museum from the ITDA headquarters to the centrally-located bridge centre in Bhadrachalam to promote and conserve the glorious cultural heritage of Adivasis.

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