MKU College guest lecturers get dues

Guest lecturers from Madurai Kamaraj University college have received their dues.

K. C. Palani Kumar, one who petitioned Madurai Kamaraj University Vice-Chancellor M. Krishnan regarding their pending salaries, said that families of 63 individuals from Madurai Kamaraj University College were happy. Guest lecturers were paid ₹ 15,000 for a month. Initially, the guest lecturers had sought pay for May and June.

However, the VC said that recruits would be paid after the vacation month of May as per orders of the State Government. The plight guest lecturers in the time of COVID-19 was taken into account. “Technically, they are recruited for a total of 11 months on a contract basis. Their contracts will be renewed if they continue to be fit for teaching. There will be a call for the post of guest lecturers when the academic year begins when they can apply,” he said.

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