More grants sought for nomadic corporation

Chairman of Karnataka Nomadic and Semi Nomadic Development Corporation K. Ravindra Shetty has said that he would meet Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa and request him to release ₹250 crore for the development of nomadic communities as the corporation was getting ₹10 crore annually.” The corporation requires adequate grant sto implement development schemes for the nomadic and semi nomadic communities,” he added.

He was addressing a press conference in Yadgir on Thursday.

Mr. Shetty said that a majority of people from nomadic and semi nomadic communities are living without any basic facilities. They choose open places of any village or town and live there under temporary shelter and they move from one place to another for livelihood.

Nomadic community people are called by different names in different areas. They have been divided into 46 communities, including Golla, Helava, Dombidasa, Chennadasa, Bayalu Pattar, Joshi, Budbudke, Picchagunta, Gondali, Bairagi and Garudi.

But the fact is that out of 70 lakh population who form these 46 communities, 95% do not have basic facilities and more importantly, children from these communities are deprived of proper education, Mr. Shetty said.

“The corporation has planned to implement several programmes to uplift the social status of the nomadic and semi nomadic communities. Therefore, I would request the Chief Minister for more grants for the purpose,” he said.

Jeevan Prasad, Prabhu Dhore and others were present.

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