Mullaperiyar drinking water project work gains momentum

Project components are in various stages of execution, says official

Work on executing Mullaperiyar Drinking Water Project to bring water from Lower Camp in Theni district to Madurai city has gained momentum.

Laying of pipelines from Lower Camp to Madurai, construction of water treatment plant at Pannaipatti in Theni district and construction of 17 of the total 37 overhead tanks (OHTs) in Madurai city have begun. The project, executed under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation, was necessitated to provide 220 million litres a day (MLD) of water to 100 wards of Madurai city with a population of 14.64 lakh. The project, being implemented at a cost of ₹1,295.76 crore, will provide an additional 125 MLD of water to the city.

It envisages laying of 96-km-long pipeline to conduct water from Lower Camp to Pannaipatti, construction of a water treatment plant with a capacity of 125 MLD and laying of a 54-km-long pipeline from the water treatment plant to Madurai city.

Madurai Corporation Commissioner K. P. Karthikeyan inspected the progress of works on Saturday. City Engineer S. Arasu, who was present during the inspection, said that different components of the works were underway.

“Work on constructing headworks at Lower Camp will begin soon. On the other hand, laying of a pipeline from Lower Camp to Pannaipatti is under way,” he said.

Construction of a water treatment plant and a pipeline from the plant to Madurai city were also under way. “Out of the 37 overhead tanks to be constructed, work has started for 17 tanks,” said Mr. Arasu.

Tender process is under progress for construction of a new water distribution system in the newly-added 28 wards. The Corporation has also proposed to introduce a fifth component to construct a new water distribution system in 57 wards of the city.

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