Mullaperiyar, Idukki water levels inch up

Water level at Mullaperiyar at 140.4 ft despite T.N. drawing more water

The water levels at the Mullaperiyar and Idukki reservoirs were rising slowly on Monday, despite Tamil Nadu increasing the tunnel discharge from Mullaperiyar and the opening of a shutter of the Cheruthoni dam of the Idukki reservoir on Sunday.

The water level at the Idukki reservoir was 2,399.16 ft at 5 p.m. on Monday. The red alert level is 2,399.03 ft and the upper rule curve at 2,400.03 ft. Gate number 3 of Cheruthoni dam remained raised to 40 cm, releasing 40 to 50 cusecs of water.

Power generation

The shutter was opened to regulate the water level when it was nearing the red alert level on Sunday. The power generation at the Moolamattom power plant was at a high of 16.418 mu (million units) on Sunday.

The water level in Mullaperiyar at 6 p.m. was 140.40 ft on Monday. The rule curve level till November 20 is 141 ft and the maximum storage level is 142 ft.

Tamil Nadu drew more water from Mullaperiyar on Monday to maintain the water level for some time. At 6 p.m., the tunnel discharge was 2,300 cusecs while the average inflow was 2,612 cusecs.

When the water level reached 140 ft on Sunday, Tamil Nadu issued the first flood warning. Idukki Collector Sheeba George said the spillway shutters of Mullaperiyar dam could be opened and water released to the Periyar. She said those living near the banks should take precautionary measures.

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