Mumbai’s local trains are fully back!

October 28, 2021, is a red letter for Mumbai’s transport system, with local trains resuming at 100% capacity.

Both Central Railway and Western Railway, which runs the city’s incredible suburban train network that transports lakhs of commuters every day, resumed their full services today.

As per the Maharashtra government’s SOPs for local trail travel, all citizens who have been fully vaccinated will be allowed to board the trains, and at least 14 days has passed from the date of the second vaccination.

Mumbai’s local trains, which had shut down in the wake of the Covid second wave in April, resumed partially in August this year, for fully vaccinated passengers.

Will full train services resuming today, WR will operate its full complement of 1367 trains while CR will run its entire fleet of 1774 local trains from today.

Afsar Dayatar/ captured these images as the City That Never Sleeps took to the trains with gusto.

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IMAGE: Commuters get off the train at Andheri station. All photographs: Afsar Dayatar/


IMAGE: Commuters bustle through the railway platform to board the train.


IMAGE: Commuters rush through the footover bridge to get to the other side.

Photographs curated by Manisha Kotian/
Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/


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