Mylapore, Vadapalani temple tanks linked to stormwater drains

City-based consultant designs rainwater filtration system

Temple tanks in Mylapore and Vadapalani will shortly benefit from clean, filtered rainwater from neighbouring roads.

The Greater Chennai Corporation is presently working to build a system designed by a Chennai-based consultant, which uses several layers of filters including geo-fabrics.

Sources at the Vadapalani Andavar temple said the work was nearing completion.

“The system, which is like a tunnel, has a shell-like structure and has been laid from Arcot Road by the Corporation. The temple tank has not witnessed significant inflow for some years due to blocks in the channels. This year, we have cleaned the channels and hope this will bring in additional water,” the official said.

At the Sri Audi Kesava Perumal and Pei Alwar Devasthanam temple in Mylapore, water run-off from East Audi Kesava Perumal Koil Street and Mosque Street will flow into the tank. “The tank has been desilted and a clay bottom has been laid to hold water this year. If it rains well, both locals and the temple will benefit from it,” said N.C. Sridhar, chairman of the board of trustees of the temple.

The stormwater drains allow water to percolate into the ground and do not use any concrete.

“It is also easy to install. It took us just 12 days to finish the work in Vadapalani. It can withstand vehicle weights and it is enough if the top layer is brushed and cleaned,” said L. Nandakumar, chief engineer (stormwater drains), Greater Chennai Corporation.

R.R. Sivaraam, who designed the system, said the infiltration drain does not allow sediments or any solids to enter.

The Corporation has in the past two years laid stormwater drains to several temple tanks in the city.

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