Naga Babu comments on Sivaji Raja

The MAA (Movie Artist Association) elections are grabbing attention in both Telugu sates, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The election for ‘MAA’ president will take place on 10th March. The 2 panels are in the election battle, one is led by the present MAA president actor Shivaji Raja and the other by actor Naresh, the general secretary of the association. Jeevitha and her husband Rajasekhar will be contesting for General Secretary and Executive Vice-President respectively. While actor Kota Shankara Rao and director Haranath Babu have also filed their nominations for treasurer and  vice-president respectively. Director SV Krishna Reddy, Rajeev Kanakala, character artistes Banerjee, comedian Raghu Babu, and others are in the managing committee of the panel. Now the things have heated up even more as Naga Babu has lent his support to Naresh and his panel.

Jeevitha Rajasekhar  also has support from Mahesh Babu (Naresh’s brother).

 Naga Babu interacted with media and made comments on Sivaji Raja. He said that the chances should be given to the new members to prove their worth. Not only this Naga Babu also revealed that he is not happy with the working style of Sivaji Raja and his team.

It was a surprising move by Naga Babu’ brother Megastar  Chiranjeevi is lending his support to the rival panel of Shivaji Raja. Naga Babu is feeling that  that new people should be given a chance as well.

 About Jeevitha, Naga Babu said, “I want to see a woman holding a high position in MAA office.”

Chiranjeevi is supporting Shivaji Raja but Naga Babu is extending his support to Naresh. There is a talk that Naga Babu is angry that Sri Reddy is lending support to Shivaji Raja.

Sri Reddy is promoting Shivaji Raja panel through Facebook and recently she called Naresh “A lady suppliers”.

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