Naidu Stands For Modi’s Economy Goal

The after-effect of election result has been very severe on Telugu Desam, as the party is slowly losing its leaders and is struggling to keep its flock together. So, the party chief seems to be carving out a fresh strategy by sending fresh round of signals to Bharatiya Janata Party through his statements.

TDP supreme had recently confessed that breaking partnership with BJP was the biggest blunder and according to the party leaders, fighting against BJP at the centre has confined them to 23 seats in Andhra Pradesh.

Naidu, who projected himself as a staunch opponent of BJP and Modi, has expressed his complete support to Prime Minister’s goal, to make India a 5 trillion-dollar economy. Stating that it’s possible for India to achieve 5-trillion economy, the TDP supreme said ‘we are also working on a relevant document which we will present to Government of India’.

Later, he took a swipe at Andhra Pradesh government and irregularities in the Jagan’s administration. Babu has attacked the G.O issued by YSRCP to curb the media’s voice with legal cases and he also found fault in converting all the govt schools to English medium. ‘Without prior arrangements and good number of teachers, it is difficult to run English medium schools,’ stated the former CM of Andhra Pradesh.

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