Nara Lokesh is iron leg psycho

TDP national secretary Nara Lokesh interacted with  local farmers, traders and the common people yesterday of his ongoing Yuvagalam padayatra at the weekend shandy and Santhipuram mandal headquarters at Kuppam assembly constituency in Chittoor district on Sunday.
 The  local people complained about the abnormal price rise of essential commodities during the last few years, traders complained that their savings was fast eroding as cost of running the trade has gone up exponentially and the sales on the other hand was dropping because of steep price rise. Nara Lokesh observed that the YSRCP government has failed in keeping prices of essential commodities under control.

  On the otherside the  heated exchange of words is taking place between  and the state’s Tourism minister, RK Roja  and Nara Lokesh. The conflict started when Minister Roja made derogatory comments about TDP national secretary Nara Lokesh and she refeered  to him as “Pulakesh” . Roja said that  she would send him sarees and bangles.  Minister Roja criticized  Nara Lokesh by saying that he  is an iron leg psycho and termed Yuva Galam as sarvamangalam to TDP- Telugu Desam Party.

Nara Lokesh talked about Roja’ remarks, and questions whether women who wear sarees and bangles are incapable. He criticized  Roja  for her alleged disrespect towards women and challenged her to send the sarees and bangles.

 Nara Lokesh said  that he would gift them to his sisters and show respect by touching their feet. He demanded Roja to tender apologies to women for her comments.

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