National Chicken Day on Nov. 16

As part of the National Chicken Day on November 16, Karnataka Poultry Farmers and Breeders Association (KPFBA) will be organising campaigns to create awareness about the benefits of chicken consumption.

President of KPFBA Sushan Rai, in a statement here, said that the per capita consumption of poultry meat in India was an abysmal 3.1 kg per annum whereas the world average was 17 kg per annum. “This means a vast majority of the population is going without proper nutrition…”, he said while adding that India was one of the top five producers of poultry meat and eggs in the world, but the country ranked poorly when it comes to consumption of the same.

Emphasising the need for taking up campaigns to create awareness about benefits of consuming chicken, Mr. Rai claimed that chicken and eggs were rich in proteins and their consumption gives a boost to an individual’s immunity level.

The KPFBA, which will be running awareness campaigns through various channels, will also be involving retail outlets across the State in spreading awareness on maintaining hygiene in the retail outlets along with the benefits of chicken consumption.

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