Nethrodaya opens a park for the visually-impaired in Chennai

Visually-impaired students currently residing at Nethrodaya now have a space to spend time at in the evenings.

An accessible, user-friendly park was inaugurated on the Nethrodaya campus a few days ago for these students.

“We have around 42 students who study in our school staying on campus and for them, this park is a welcome, accessible space. Owing to the lockdown, the students cannot step out anywhere as well and this space serves as their stress buster.,” said C. Govindakrishnan, Founder, Nethrodaya.

For many persons who are visually-impaired, visiting a park outside would mean having to be extra-careful about the crowds, sometimes even facing ridicule and being mindful about the play equipment there.

“The park has been designed keeping in mind their accessibility and it is an exclusive park for the disabled. The plants chosen for the flower beds here are fragrant and we have a weather-proof speaker playing music for the visually-impaired students,” Mr Govindakrishnan said.

Apart from using the play equipment such as swings and slides, the students are also involved in watering the plants in the garden.

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