New chief of Xinjian calls for modernisation of industry

This is despite a U.S. call for boycott of items made in area

The new party chief in China’s Xinjiang called for improved business conditions in his first official visit to the region, where forced labour accusations have prompted some countries to announce a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.

In a visit to regional capital Urumqi this week, Ma Xingrui called it necessary to “improve the modernisation” of industrial and supply chains, said state-run local media, and to “implement measures to support enterprises and stimulate innovation.”

He also emphasised the need to boost investment promotion and create a strong international business environment, including tax breaks, but did not provide further details. Xinjiang is already a major production hub, accounting for an estimated 20% of garments imported into the United States each year.

But Beijing has come under mounting pressure over its policies, with U.S. President Joe Biden on last Thursday signing a law that virtually banned all imports from the region over forced labour concerns.

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