Niranjan Reddy describes Centre’s decision as victory of KCR

Welcoming the Central Government’s decision to withdraw the three controversial farm laws, Agriculture Minister S. Niranjan Reddy described the development as a victory of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and the Maha Dharna he staged on Thursday in protest against the Central Government’s attitude towards purchase of paddy from the State.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Government should realise the fact that the Constitution cast the responsibility of foodgrains procurement and distribution on the Central Government. The Prime Minister should accordingly hold discussions with the stakeholders on the modalities that should be adopted for stabilization of agriculture in the country.

Simultaneously, efforts should be made to evolve a comprehensive agriculture policy giving guidance to farmers taking into consideration aspects like cropping pattern and demand for the produce in national and international markets. He wondered why the Government which could waive loans to the tune of ₹6 lakh crore to corporates was not willing to come to the aid of farmers by putting in place an appropriate policy governing the sector.

He recalled the developments related to paddy procurement in recent months wherein the Chief Minister himself addressed several communications to the Centre besides personally meeting the Ministers concerned that culminated in the protest demonstration on Thursday.

“The development apparently reflects the Central Government’s apprehensions over the consequences in the event of the Chief Minister leading an agitation from the south bringing together all the like-minded forces,” he said adding that Mr. Modi knew fully well about the popularity and capability of Mr. Chandrasekhar Rao.

Mr. Niranjan Reddy welcomed the Mr. Modi’s gesture in apologizing to people for bringing in the three laws and said his gesture as Prime Minister of the largest democracy was in line with the decorum of the post he held. The State BJP leaders however were unwilling to accept the facts and some of these leaders were still claiming that people did not understand the legislations properly.

“The Congress has initiated the process for agricultural laws and the BJP government tried for their implementation. The Congress on its part should be ashamed that it has incorporated these legislations in its election manifesto in 2019 and it has no role in the sustained agitation carried out by the farmers,” he said.

The Centre’s decision to rescind the legislations was a victory of the farmers who sacrificed their lives in the fight against the “black laws”. The Government should tender apologies to their families and announce appropriate compensation for the families of the deceased,” he said. At the same time, the “self-claimed intellectuals” who supported these laws owed an explanation and apology to the people of the country, he said adding these persons should be ashamed of themselves for misleading the people.

The Minister favoured changes in the agriculture sector so as to attract youth into the profession while the Centre should take steps to purchase paddy from Telangana. Steps should be taken at the Central level to encourage paddy cultivation in Telangana and the Prime Minister should himself intervene in the matter of paddy purchase to resolve the ongoing stalemate.

Minister A. Indrakaran Reddy said the Centre was forced to withdraw the legislations due to the sustained democratic struggle by farmers while the Maha Dharna staged by the Chief Minister too had its impact on the development. He reiterated that the TRS government was committed to the cause of farmers and would continue its struggle to ensure that farmers received their due.

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