Noted singer to face legal act from Annamayya devotees

Sravana Bhargavi, who is well known for her captivating voice, has made headlines again with her crooning style for Annamayya devotional song Okapari. Her song has been going viral on YouTube and she received a good response from the music lovers.

But on the other hand, the devotees of Annamayya have found fault in her way of presenting the song in the video. They pointed out about her dressing style and how she presented herself in the video. Her romantic mix in the devotional song is being hated by the devotees. 

They said that Shravan was insolent towards Annamayya, without presenting the song with a devotional sense. They demanded the singer to apologise to them and asked to delete the video.

But as Shravana disobeyed their words and stood stringent on her decision not to delete the video, the family members of Annamayya seem that they are going to implement a legal action against her.

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