Nurses seek transfer from Corporation

Authorities promise to take up their case soon


Members of Tamil Nadu Government All Department Association’s Coordination Committee on Tuesday staged a protest pressing for Corporation authorities to relieve village health nurses of sub-health centres under the city limits to their parent department.

The protesters said 33 sub-health centres functioning in the then rural areas came under the Corporation limits after the expansion of the city with 28 additional wards.

“We were receiving the salary from the Department of Health though we were working for the Corporation. However, in July our parent department decided to take us back,” said a VHN and district coordinator of the committee, Chinna Ponnu.

Since then, the nurses have been asking the Corporation authorities to relieve them. However, as no order has been issued to relieve them, they decided to stage a “waiting” protest.

However, after the intervention of the police, the authorities promised to take up their case soon following which they dispersed.

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