‘O Kala’ first look release on the hands of director Rajamouli

Lakshmi Navya Mothuru, Ranjit Kumar Kodali and Aditya Reddy are producing the movie ‘O Kala’ under the banner of Eternity Entertainment and Aham Azmi Films with Gaurish Yeleti, Roshini and Prachi Thakkar as the heroines under the direction of Deepak Kolipaka. The first look of the film was unveiled at a function held at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad on Saturday.

The Director Rajamouli released this first look. After the release of First Look, Rajamouli said, “The first look of ‘O Kala’ movie is very attractive. This is where the film comes in handy. I think director Deepak Kolipaka is shooting this film wonderfully. Cinema is everyone’s dream. All of you have fulfilled that dream with this film. Many more are living with this dream.

The dream of all such people will come true if they work hard. Congratulations to the cast, technicians and producers who worked on this film. ” Also, the entire film unit along with ‘Hit’ film director Shailesh Kolanu participated in the event. Director Deepak Kolipaka speaking on this occasion, said, “We are really happy to release First Look at the hands of our director Rajamouli garu, who has brought world-class recognition to Telugu cinema.

His blessings have given us so much strength. He wants to always be an inspiration to directors like this. When it comes to cinema.. My thanks to the producers for giving me the opportunity to tell a good story to the Telugu audience. Their encouragement is unforgettable. The hero heroines, the other actors, and the technicians are all so cooperative. With all the commercial elements.. I can say that the audience will definitely like this film which is going to be an out and out entertainer.. ”

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