Offer of free stay at Kodaikanal for failed SSLC students goes viral

Sudheesh said he may extend the offer beyond this month.

A day after he offered free stay to students who failed in this year’s SSLC exams at his tourism facilities at Kodaikanal, which had since then gone viral on social media, Sudheesh K received a call from an enthusiastic youngster from Malappuram on Friday morning.

After a fairly long chat, Mr. Sudheesh, to his utter shock, realised that it wasn’t the youngster who had failed in the exam but his father many years ago.

“He was under the impression that the offer was open to anyone who had ever failed the exam. I had to convince him that doing that would put me out of business,” he chuckled.

Since he put out a flyer in his Facebook page offering failed students in this year’s SSLC exams and their parents two days of free stay and food in his homestays and cottages at Kodaikanal, Mr. Sudheesh’s phone had literally rung off the hooks.

“Everyone is talking about the winners while it is a lonely life for the losers, especially so when only very few have failed. Their despair will be so much more living amidst accusations and taunts. I made the offer as a show of solidarity with them,” said Mr. Sudheesh aka Sudhi Kodaikanal, originally from Vadakara in Kozhikode and settled in Kodaikanal for the last 18 years.

The call from a young girl from a broken family in Kannur was especially moving. She wants to visit Kodaikanal to escape her dismal life at least for a couple of days but had none to take her. “I will make some arrangements to bring her here safely,” said Mr. Sudheesh.

Another youngster had already packed his bags to come to Kodaikanal alone as he found the taunts too much to live with. He was told that he was welcome only with his parents as he was too young to travel alone.

Mr. Sudheesh said he may extend the offer beyond this month if need be though he may have to arrange it during weekdays considering his prior commitments for the weekends. Meanwhile, some travel agents have also volunteered to bring in students and their families in a show of solidarity.

The failed students, it seem, are not alone after all.

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