Omicron fear leads to rush for vaccines

Rise in number of people taking the jab from 2.5 lakh to over 4 lakh daily in Dec.

Though the Omicron variant is not yet detected in Telangana, it has spread considerable fear among people due to which a steady rush for vaccination has been noticed recently.

Officials of the State Health department said that ever since the new variant reached India, more number of people are going to hospitals and health centres to get their COVID shots. The uptick is observed from the beginning of December.

The total population in the State above 18 years is 2.77 crore and are eligible for vaccination.

From January 16 to November 29, 2.48 crore people took the first dose, which is 89.87% of the target (2.77 crore) and 46.05% took the second dose.

By the night of December 11, the first dose coverage increased to 95.79% (2,65,35,482) and second dose to 52.60% (1,45,70,779).

The second dose coverage in Telangana is less than the percentage of people across the country who are fully vaccinated. Out of the total 94 crore adult population across the State, 86.5% were administered the first dose and 54.5% took the second dose till December 12. However, the fully vaccinated targeted population in the State is 52.60%.

Prior to December, around 2 lakh to 2.5 lakh people in the State used to be given the vaccine shots in a day. The recent fear about Omicron started to spread since November-end. Currently, around 3.5 lakh to 4 lakh people are taking the vaccine doses daily.

Health Minister Harish Rao had earlier set a target of 100% vaccination in the State by the end of December.

Meanwhile, District Medical and Health Officers (DMHOs) said that one of the top priorities for them was to give the jab to as many people as possible.

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