Online K-Pop contest winners announced

The Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea in Chennai had organised “Korean Night” finale as part of its “Korean Cultural Week : Celebrations of Korean Arts” on Saturday.

As part of the 2021 South India Online K-Pop contest, passionate K-Pop fans had participated and showcased their vocal and dancing talents.

Owing to the pandemic, the events were conducted online and the prizes given on Saturday.

Maria Mize won the first place followed by Arshitha and the LDC dance group in the “Dance” category. In the vocal category, Gauri Girish Nair won the first place, Anunyaa and Aishwaria were placed second and Oorja Saxena won the third place.

The winners were given special awards which included electronic gadgets .

The Consulate will host the Korean Film Festival in Chennai in December 2021. They hope that the weekend programmes, which include K-Pop singing, dancing, music tutorials, K-Food and culinary arts, will showcase an amalgamation of the Korean Culture in South India and India.

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