‘Operate short distance services from old facility’

Civic group says Khammam city needs two bus stations

Members of the “Old Bus Stand Parirakshana Committee” have stuck to their demand of retaining the old bus station to use the facility as “local bus stand” after the inauguration of the new bus station in the town on Friday.

Speaking to newsmen here on Thursday, the committee members comprising leaders belonging to the CPI (M), the Congress and various other organisations said the old bus station, located near the railway station and the prime business, health and education centres, should be retained as local bus stand to serve the cause of passengers from rural areas, petty vendors and fruit sellers.

While welcoming the scheduled inauguration of the new bus station at the NSP Colony on Friday, they said the old bus station should be used for operation of Palle Velugu and other short distance buses within the district.

They contended that the fast-growing town should have two bus stations, one for local buses, and other for the long-distance including inter-district and inter-State bus services.

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