Oppo adds camera innovation lab to Hyderabad R&D centre

Smartphone maker Oppo has set up a specialised lab for camera innovation at its Hyderabad research and development centre.

It is designed to develop localised features, camera solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and focus on developing imaging software for a better user experience, Oppo said in a release on Monday.

Head R&D Oppo India Tasleem Arif said, “As we work towards elevating the overall camera experience for our users with this lab set-up, the focus is on localisation of global solutions and developing new solutions which can be globalised. What we will be developing in India Camera lab will end up in the hands of millions of OPPO users across the globe.”

On the hiring plans for new lab, an Oppo spokesperson said, “We have an existing 40-member strong camera engineering team, comprising 100% local workforce which will be working on the Hyderabad based camera lab announced today. We do plan to involve more talent at the lab in the future.” Oppo’s India R&D centre has a headcount of 400 members.

The firm said the lab is dedicated to testing phone cameras in different artificially set scenes and analysing data produced from those samples. It is equipped with specialised machines to test various light sources, with different photography and videography scenarios. In December, announcing the opening of a 5G innovation lab at the Hyderabad R&D centre, Oppo had said it will also set up up three labs dedicated to camera, power and battery.

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