Opposition Leader slams Kerala Police, dubs it as anti-women

He flays Government’s stance in UAPA cases against two youngsters

Leader of the Opposition V.D. Satheeshan has accused Kerala Police of fast turning into an anti-women force.

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of a function here on Saturday, Mr. Satheeshan warned police to mend their ways, failing which the opposition will deal with it strongly.

“Who gave police the licence to misbehave with the girls and women of our families. Misbehaving with women approaching police stations and participating in protests has become the norm. There is no question of putting up with this,” he said.

Police have not yet arrested the culprits even on a petition filed by a woman leader of AISF, the youth outfit of the second-most dominant party in the ruling alliance, after she was assaulted at MG University.

He demanded Chief Minister, who also holds the Home Ministry, to take stern action against the officials of Cantonment Police who made anti-women comments against the Youth Congress girls who took out a march to the Legislative Assembly.

Mr. Satheeshan said the apex court verdict releasing Thaha, the youngster booked under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), had vindicated the Opposition’s stance all along that there was no ground for invoking the Act against the two youngsters who were arrested on charge of being Maoist supporters. This was no different from what Yogi Adithyanath government was doing in Uttar Pradesh.

“The Chief Minister and the Government should publicly apologise to those youngsters and their parents. The Left has dubbed UAPA as draconian in the Parliament and in public spaces only to invoke it to settle petty internal party squabbles. This shows that given the powers, Pinarayi Vijayan will be as autocratic as Modi,” he said.

Mr. Satheeshan said that if books perceived as in support of Maoism was ground for arrest then he should also be arrested since he had even more serious books on the subject. “This is not a Left government but that of fanatic right,” he slammed.

Mr. Satheeshan said Congress organisational elections would be held as planned by the political affairs committee. None had asked to stopped the process. Party workers long for addressing the organisational weaknesses of the party and the leadership would honour that sentiments no matter what the hurdles.

“While groups remain a reality, they will not be allowed to hinder the growth of the party,” he said.

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