Pangong Tso disengagement will be completed in 2 or 3 days: official

Much of the withdrawal from friction areas is completed: official

The disengagement between Indian and Chinese troops on the north and south banks of Pangong Tso (lake) would be completed in two or three days, a government official said on Wednesday, stating that much of the withdrawal on both the banks had been completed.

Majority of de-induction of troops from the frontline had been completed, and most of the personnel now left there are those involved in logistics and movement, the official said, adding that it was quite a humongous task given the scale of the build-up and the stocking that had been undertaken.

No tanks

On the south bank, all tanks and mechanised elements have moved out. There are also no tanks on the north bank.

Tents, bunkers and other positions have been cleared in most areas, a second official said, adding that the cleaning up and the ground restoration work would take a few more days.

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Latest satellite images released by Maxar Technologies of several areas of Pangong Tso show a stark difference on the ground, with the massive build-up and armaments now been cleared.

Constant communication

There is constant communication between the local commanders to ensure that the process continues smoothly and joint verification is on.

For now there is a moratorium on patrolling in these areas by both sides as per the agreement.

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The resumption of patrolling would be worked out subsequently through diplomatic and military talks. The official said new patrolling guidelines would have to be worked out by both sides in the backdrop of recent developments to ensure such instances do not occur again. There is a lot of distrust that has to be addressed, the official added.

With quick progress in the disengagement at Pangong lake, both sides are also gearing up for the next round of Corps Commander talks which will take place as soon as the disengagement is complete, as stipulated in the agreement.

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