Passenger, cargo fares to Lakshadweep hiked

The Lakshadeweep administration has hiked both passenger and cargo charges with effect from November 10. The charges have been raised for all classes of travel, inviting protests from political parties such as the Nationalist Congress Party, Lakshadweep unit.

The first class fare for Kochi-Kavaratti route, a distance of 404 km, has been hiked from ₹2,340 to ₹3,510 while second class rates have gone up from ₹650 to ₹1,300 and the bunk rate is up from ₹220 to ₹330.

The Kochi-Agatti route rates have been hiked. The first class fare for the 459-km route has been hiked from ₹2,650 to ₹3,950, second class from ₹730 to ₹1,460 and bunk charges are up from ₹270 to ₹410. Kochi-Kalpeni route, a distance of 287 km, too has seen substantial raise. The first class rate has been raised from ₹1,710 to ₹2,570, the second class rate from ₹470 to ₹940 and bunk rates from ₹170 to ₹260.

Abdul Gafoor A.K., general secretary of the NCP, said that protests would be held on November 13 and 15 at different locations, including the headquarters of the 10 inhabited islands, against the hike in the charges.

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