Pathetic condition of Odathurai Road gives the jitters to road users

Motorists, especially two-wheeler riders, have been facing much hardship due to the poor condition of a few stretches of Odathurai Road running along the Cauvery bank in the city.

The road links the Chinthamani area in the city with Tiruchi-Chennai Bypass Road. After the opening of a road overbridge a few years ago, the road running along the Cauvery bank was widened and provided with a centre median by the State Highways Department.

Huge potholes have developed on the descent on one of the carriages of the road overbridge running towards Chennai Bypass Road. As a temporary measure, gravel has been dumped on these potholes which have also come off over the past few days.

However, the road has taken a severe beating during the recent monsoon. Stretches of the road have been completely eroded at certain places with blue metal strewn around especially in front of the Oyamari burial ground.

Motorists, two-wheeler riders in particular, face a tough time in negotiating the slippery stretch and they also have to contend with the clouds of dust kicked up by speeding heavy vehicles.

In November, a portion of Odathurai Road between Mela Chinthamani and Chennai Bypass Road caved in, leaving a deep hole in the middle of the carriageway. Earlier this year, a large part of the road along the bank of the Cauvery caved in during work undertaken to construct a retaining wall.

“This is an arterial road and it is in poor shape. The entire stretch should be fully relaid and the potholes on the road overbridge should also be repaired. Motorists have to encounter severe jolts on the expansion joints of the road overbridge. The Highways Department should attend to this problem too,” said P. Ayyarappan, a road safety activist.

When contacted, sources in the Highways Department said the damaged stretches would be repaired and blacktopped within the next few days.

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