Patients step up stir, demand to be sent home

Corporation may allow home quarantine for those who have tested negative

Patients in COVID-19 care centres of the Greater Chennai Corporation intensified their protests on Monday, demanding that the Corporation shift them to their home.

The COVID-19 positive patients and their relatives shared on social media information about the delay in discharging those who have tested negative after their stay in the care centres. Unrest was reported in Chennai Trade Centre at Nandambakkam on Monday. More than 60% of the COVID-19 positive patients in the Chennai Corporation care centres have subsequently tested negative and such persons have demanded that they be to permitted them return home.

Corporation Commissioner G. Prakash said the patients who participated in the agitation would be permitted to go home and remain on home quarantine. “The government has decided to permit COVID-19 positive patients who are asymptomatic to be on home quarantine. Patients who are agitating in the COVID-19 care centre in Nandambakkam are asymptomatic. Many patients have tested negative for COVID-19. All such patients housed in the COVID-19 care centres will be permitted to be on home quarantine,” said Mr. Prakash.

Risk assessment

The regional deputy commissioners in the three regions of the Corporation have been asked to take a decision after assessing the condition of the patients’ families and the risk associated with home quarantine.

As many as 357 persons who were housed in the COVID-19 care centre in Nandambakkam have been requesting the civic officials to permit them to leave the facility.

Corporation South Regional Deputy Commissioner Alby John Varghese said 150 persons who tested negative had been sent home. “We have sent all patients who have tested negative for COVID-19.

“Another 50 patients who have tested negative will be sent home today,” said Dr. Varghese.

The team led by Dr. Varghese visited the care centre at Nandambakkam on Monday. “Many patients here live in crowded areas. Home quarantine is not possible in such areas. They cannot ensure separate enclosures for patients at home. We explained to the patients the need for medical observation. We explained that it is a contagious disease and they can spread it to their family members, ” said Dr. Varghese.

Four patients from Theni and Udhagamandalam were yet to be sent home from the COVID-19 care centre in Nandambakkam, said Dr. Varghese.

“All other patients who have tested negative have been sent home,” said Dr. Varghese.

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