Pattana Pragati changing the face of urban areas: CM

Integrated markets for vegetables and non-vegetarian items to come up in all ULBs

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has lauded the progress achieved under the Pattana Pragati — the comprehensive programme for all-round development of urban areas — claiming that the programme has changed the situation of the towns and cities to a large extent.

The government was releasing ₹ 148 crore for the development of urban areas and additional amounts were being released for major corporations, including the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Arrangements had been made for lifting garbage from the doorstep of residents and the government had decided to allocate another 2,004 sanitation vehicles in urban areas. Presently, 2,802 sanitation vehicles were deployed in different urban areas across the State.

Construction of dump yards was also progressing at a faster pace and the government had set up 1,018 nurseries in the urban areas in addition to 500 in the GHMC limits. Officials concerned were directed to expedite construction of vaikunta dhamams ensuring that at least one vaikunta dhamam was set up for every one lakh population. The municipalities concerned should identify the locations for setting up vaikunta dhamams and should purchase the lands.

The government was also setting up integrated markets (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) in all the 116 towns and corporations across the State and additional markets would be set up in the ULBs depending upon their population. The Chief Minister directed the officials to allocate resources for construction of the integrated markets in the forthcoming budget in addition to ensuring allocations for construction of public toilets to avoid inconvenience to people, women in particular.

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