Pavitra Lokesh files a complaint at police station – New twist in Pavitra-Naresh and his ex wife Ramya case

Controversy around Pavitra Lokesh and senior actor Naresh’ affair is known.  She is familiar to the Telugu audience. She has done many films in Telugu. Now according to  the latest report,  Pavitra Lokesh recently lodged a complaint with the cyber crime police. She said in her complaint that action should be taken against those who are responsible for damaging her reputation.   The actress approached the cyber crime police as the torture of trolls increased day by day.

  Few people are sharing the morphing photos and vulgar comments on social media. As the torture of trolls increased day by day, Pavitra Lokesh approached the cyber crime police .  Evidence has been submitted that some websites and YouTube channels are posting the obscene stories. She also provided links to these channels and social media pages where morphed photographs and obscene content were posted.  Cybercrime police have issued notices to 15 YouTube channels. 

Meanwhile, Pavitra filed a complaint against Naresh’s wife Ramya Raghupathi. There are disputes between Ramya and Naresh. Ramya is making inappropriate comments about  Pavitra’ personal life. Pavitra mentioned in her complaint that some YouTube channels are insulting her.

The recent rumor is that Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh are getting married.

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