Place of worship found desecrated in Baikampady

A place of worship was found desecrated near Baikampady Industrial Area in the city on Sunday.

According to the devotees of the Karkera Moolastana, which is on the road leading to the industrial area, the place of worship had been locked after puja on Friday evening.

When it was opened on Sunday morning, devotees found an idol of a Snake God on the floor. Another idol had been thrown outside the Moolastana and a portion of a Nandi idol had also been damaged. Articles in the sanctum sanctorum of the Moolastana had been ransacked as also the office of the place of worship, a devotee said.

“Miscreants entered from the rear entrance and desecrated the place just to create tension,” said a member of the Moolastana administration committee. The miscreants have not stolen any articles from the place, he added.

The Surathkal Police visited the spot with fingerprint experts. The Moolastana, which has been operating for over several years now, has not set up any closed circuit television camera. The police suspected that the miscreants have targetted the place with an eye on treasure. “They have searched the place and have left after failing to find any valuable material,” an officer said.

Mangaluru City North MLA Y. Bharath Shetty, who visited the place, concurred with the Moolastana administrators and said that the miscreants have tried to disturb peace in the area. He urged the police to trace the culprits at the earliest.

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