Polavaram: stage set for diverting Godavari water to the spillway

‘Changing the natural flow on such a level is an engineering marvel’

The closure of the upper cofferdam of the Polavaram irrigation project has set the stage for diverting the Godavari water 6.5-km away from its normal course, to the spillway.

This has been facilitated by filling the gaps in the upper cofferdam by Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL).

Changing the natural flow of the gigantic river on such a level is a first-of-its-kind and is an engineering marvel, a press release issued by the MEIL has said.

“The Godavari flood water will be diverted through the approach channel to the spillway, and then released to the spillway channel by lifting the gates. Water will rejoin the main river through a pilot channel,” according to the release.

The Godavari water from Bhadrachalam reaches Dowleswaram. Due to the closure of the upper cofferdam, the water flow will stop at this point. It will be released downstream of Dowleswaram through the spillway.

Till date, 7,56,777 cubic metres of rock filling work has been completed in the upper cofferdam, and the lower cofferdam works are nearing completion, according to the release.

Top priority is accorded to speeding up the construction of the upper and lower cofferdams, which are crucial for completing the Polavaram project within the stipulated time.

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