Police postpone search at Pracha’s office again

Advocate says he was at Patiala House

The police on Tuesday said they visited advocate Mehmood Pracha’s office in Nizamuddin but had to postpone the search as he wasn’t available. They claimed that they were in possession of a court order for the search.

Mr. Pracha, the defense counsel for multiple accused in the north-east riots cases, said that “hundreds of policemen” came to raid his office at 12.30 p.m. and remained there for several hours. “They could not raid as my office was locked, and my staff was busy in various matters. My support staff was also on leave. I don’t know if they broke open,” he said, while claiming to be still at Patiala House Court on Tuesday evening.

Mr. Pracha added that he has moved an application against the search before the same judge who gave the order, and “the court has summoned the concerned DCP on Wednesday”. The court, however, wrote on the application: “Let notice of the application be sent to IO for a reply on Wednesday. The IO in this case is a Sub Inspector”.

Delhi Police sources said the court had ordered another search “as the one ordered previously could not be executed due to obstructions by Mr. Pracha”.

“Since Mr. Pracha wasn’t available in his office today, it has been postponed, seeking his next availability,” an officer said. Mr. Pracha said the matter of whether the raid was completed or not is sub-judice and is pending before the court.

In December last year, the Delhi Police Special Cell had raided Mr. Pracha’s office in connection with a case of forgery and criminal conspiracy filed in August.

The police claimed the lawyer had instigated a man to give a false deposition in a riots case.

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