Post-monsoon rains in some parts of State way more than normal

While average departure was 13%, it was much worse in parts of north-interior and coastal Karnataka

Karnataka received 13% more rainfall than normal during the post-monsoon season from October to December, 2020, with some districts, such as Bidar and Kalaburagi, receiving way higher than the average. Unseasonal rainfall has continued into January too, causing distress among farmers in some parts

North-interior Karnataka (NIK) and coastal Karnataka recorded 30% more rainfall than normal in the post-monsoon period, while south-interior Karnataka (SIK) received normal rainfall, though some districts had deficiency, according to rainfall statistics for the post monsoon of the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Bengaluru.

While the normal rainfall quantum for the period is 181.7 mm, the actual rainfall received was 205.9 mm. Division-wise, in coastal Karnataka, Udupi received 58% more rainfall than normal. In NIK, Bidar recorded 81% more rainfall than normal, while Kalaburagi recorded 77% more rainfall than normal.

“In 2019, Karnataka had seen a 70% departure in the post-monsoon season, with coastal Karnataka receiving 127% excess, NIK 77% excess, and SIK 50% excess. In 2020, there was nominally good rainfall in the State,” an IMD Bengaluru official said. In 2018, there was a 48% deficiency in rainfall across the State.

SIK was the only sub-division which had no departure from normal, though there was variation in the amount of rainfall districts received. For instance, while Bengaluru Urban received 22% more rainfall, Bengaluru Rural recorded the exact opposite — 22% less than normal. The generally parched Kolar, which has been witnessing a wide swing in rainfall amounts even for the south-west monsoon, saw 53% departure over the normal rainfall. Kodagu and Mysuru, on the other hand, received 31% and 30% lesser than the normal rainfall respectively.

As if the outbreak of a pandemic was not enough in 2020, the year also saw heavy rains resulting in flooding in parts of Karnataka during the monsoon season between June and September. The State received 27% excess rainfall — 1,063.9 mm as against the normal 840.7 mm, with no district recording deficiency in rainfall. Even for the south-west monsoon, parts of NIK and SIK saw huge departures from normal, with most districts recording excess rainfall (over 20% to 59%), and four recording large excess (over 60%). Only seven districts had what is categorised as normal rainfall: +19% to -19%.

Among the biggest departures recorded were in Bagalkot (74% excess), Kalaburagi (64% more rain), and Koppal (59% excess rainfall). Udupi had also received 30% excess rainfall.

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